Hallo, wie geht es dir? – Hi, how are you?

Ich heiße Iga und ich kann dir beim Deutschlernen helfen! – My name is Iga, and I can help you learn German.

My teaching approach is built on lots of communication and immersion. I believe ☝one of the best ways to learn German is to learn it in a context, and to learn in real sentences. For me, it is most authentic to the way you produce the language in real life.

👉I meet my students online. I write my own German materials and role play scripts for you to download and learn the context language. I want my students to be involved as much as possible: by commenting, downloading my materials, learning real scenarios and using authentic situations available on my blog. The more you repeat words, sentences and patterns, the better you will get in a language.

🤙 I also interact with my students every day through Google Hangouts on Skype. I am not just a teacher, I am a friend! I love to help my students.

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Teaching Background

I have Bachelors degree in Applied Linguistics, and a Masters degree in DAF – Deutsch als Fremdsprache which means German as a Foreign Language. I have always been a language freak who constantly studies languages and is passionate about teaching. After teaching more than 5000 online lessons, I feel confident that my teaching experience will enable me to help you meet your goals. And most importantly, I really love my job, and I have a true passion for teaching.

I love it, because

I can bring my students to a different level of their language competence. I meet amazing people from around the world (because it is online). I know exactly what it is that can help you achieve your language goals. Together, we can get there, wherever you want to be with your German.

Whatever your goal is, I can help you to achieve it. I want you to start learning a word a day –  in its real context.

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