Looking to improve your German by speaking with a real person?

My name is Iga, and I am an experienced German teacher. I graduated with my Masters in German and Second Language Acquisition from the University Bielefeld, Germany. I have been teaching online for 5 years now, and I truly love my job! My teaching approach is very authentic, and it really works! It is all about immersion and repetition. I love to meet with my students regularly and celebrate our common goal: FLUENCY in German. The key to success is consistency and a solid plan.

That all starts with a TRIAL lesson. After our lesson, I will construct a plan designed to meet your unique learning needs.


Whatever your goals are, I will help you get there!


Practice every day for at least 15 minutes and follow our plan (+ follow me @easiergerman on Instagram)! I will create a personalized challenge that fits your busy schedule. After scheduling a lesson with me at UpVerb, you will get reminders of your lessons. My Instagram and blog will give you supplementary tools to help you learn something new everyday!


Practice with my series #wordoftheday and #roleplay and take part in a class to see how far you come with each lesson!

Here is how to get started in three steps:

👉 1. Meet me in a TRIAL lesson (go to UpVerb) and schedule your free trial with me.

👉 2. Purchase a package and schedule a lesson (Log in).

👉 3. Meet me regularly!

You can also go ahead and purchase a package of 5, directly here without signing up.

German Course

This package includes 5 lessons with me. The lessons are easy to schedule and will give you a good start toward speaking German fluently.