What is UpVerb, and why am I talking about it?

UpVerb is an online language school that offers language classes conducted via video conference. As part of the UpVerb family, I am able to teach students on a unique and powerful learning platform that is constantly improving and adding new teachers that speak many languages.


What makes UpVerb special?

Language learning is both a challenge and an adventure, and here at UpVerb, we make language learning fun. At UpVerb you can learn German, French, English, Spanish, and Polish from professional language teachers carefully selected to be part of the UpVerb team. The classes are held live via Hangouts or Skype and are taught exclusively by qualified, native speaking teachers.

👉 Getting started with UpVerb is quick and easy.

Our team

Our team is made up of engaged and professional teachers that are ready to customize a perfect plan for your language goals. UpVerb’s teachers create a customized plan for you after they meet you. They can adjust their way of teaching to your personal needs, and they motivate you to help you improve your language and get where you want to be in your language competence.


Challenges are a unique way to empower you to learn and keep you disciplined to achieve your goals. At UpVerb, we think that your successes during your language learning journey are a lot like training for a marathon: hard work, but infinitely rewarding.

Since I am a part of the UpVerb family, you can easily schedule a lesson with me there or purchase one of my packages on easiergerman.com and meet me on Skype! Have more questions? Never hesitate to ask!

Corporate training

Viel Spaß beim Deutschlernen auf UpVerb!